2023 Cohort

Meet our current class of grant recipients

A connected gaming startup whose mission is to make STEM-focused games more accessible. It’s first product, ChessUp, is a patented chess board that uses artificial intelligence technology to help players learn the game and improve their skills. Bryght Labs and their product, ChessUp, had a successful appearance on “Shark Tank” in December.

Data Appraisal helps healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, and healthcare technology companies create new revenue streams by monetizing their data. The company offers artificial intelligence-driven appraisal technology that assesses the data’s monetary value and a data marketplace that connects sellers of data with interested buyers.

Electronic Beacon (EB) Systems is an industry leader in mobile apps, Bluetooth technology, and proprietary Beacon Reader technology that help to drive the “Internet of Things” (IoT) industry. They create data-driven solutions for a range of industries and clients. Whether you are a small business owner that needs to streamline your operation, a construction site needing workplace accountability, or a city manager that wants to capture real-time data from your community to make improvements, they have a solution for you.

InventXYZ integrates hands-on, real-world STEM and computer science curriculum into every core high school course to give students cutting-edge skills for the future. They embed a creative, hands-on project in each core class where students build technology.

MatchRite Care empowers patients by setting a new standard for how their healthcare information is shared. Through its unified portal, clinics and healthcare systems can access clinical notes, imaging, and social determinants of health across the patients’ continuum of care from multiple health systems, specialists, payers, medical devices, and most EHRs. Patients can collect health records and claims from multiple providers, health plans, portals, and devices in one place.

SeeInMe has created a digital platform intended to ensure those who love, serve, and work with individuals with disabilities can advocate for and relate to them on a personal level.

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